We receive kudos, praise and thanks every single day from our Massage, Reiki & Yoga clients. On a daily basis, clients say they feel much, much better than they did before their visit with Nikki and Comfort & Balance. Besides feeling great, clients often report relief from discomforts (such as migraines, insomnia, sadness, stress), pains (getting clients out of workman’s comp cycles, and no longer needing surgeries)  and other symptoms. We are proud to help people every day and we want to help you. Here is just a very small percentage of that positive feedback:

MASSAGE: Karina Oddo and I just went for a couple’s massage at Comfort & Balance. I just want to speak on the incredible experience that we had: First of all, we were greeted with smiles and love right from the beginning. Then upon a thorough discussion of our lifestyles and points that we felt needed focus, the masseuse that could best address our specific needs was chosen for each of us. Comfort & Balance was incredibly attentive to our comfort throughout the process, even down to the ambience. We had heated beds, a dark room, beautiful music, fragrant oils, and warm blankets to provide privacy throughout the massage. After the massage I felt healthier, and honestly taller? Lol. They found tensions in my body that I didn’t even know existed. We never felt rushed, which I find incredibly important when engaging in an experience in which I am looking to relax. Comfort & Balance is warm, inviting, incredibly professional and attentive to the needs of clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, tension-relieving experience. I think it is so important to speak up about the business that you love! Thank you Comfort & Balance! We will certainly be back!
Brianna Oddo
Sewaren, NJ

MASSAGE: I had sciatica really bad- legs pained while driving and sitting- was torture. I had one session with Nikki and the pain literally stopped! Feeling great! [C&B Note: we saw the client a week after this session she had written about and she still had no more sciatic pain].
Maureen Walliser
Port Reading, NJ

REIKI: I came to Nikki with diagnosed Bell’s Palsy. That night, after my first Reiki Session (Active Reiki), I already saw an improvement in my facial symptoms. And more from facebook review…Unbelievable Reiki with Nikki. From the first session, experienced a major healing breakthrough. Extremely therapeutic and relaxing. Highly recommend.
Laurie Clarke
Princeton, NJ

MASSAGE: Thank you for making me feel better all year long. I come to you all stressed out and I leave feeling relaxed, happy and warm inside…I get such a good night’s sleep. I feel at peace for days after my massage and everything feels so much better. Thank you Nikki, that is the gift you give me with every massage all year long.

YOGA: I find the perfect measure of peace and quiet at Comfort & Balance. The DeStress Class is paced to my needs and the Yoga class is invigorating. I come to Comfort & Balance as often as possible and always leave feeling better! UPDATE:  I have been doing DeStress Yoga with Nikki for 3 years now. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. I feel so much better. My body feels better and stronger. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to strengthen and stretch. It is low impact but has high benefits. Being older, I worry about mobility and this is something you can do for yourself.

Judy Wetzel
Iselin, NJ

EAR CANDLING: I was advised by my acupuncturist to have my ear candled for a discomfort I was feeling due to a bug sting in the ear that caused a severe sinus infection and a pressure in and around my ear. The procedure was painless and comforting as the massage of the area was soothing. I had previously been treated with antibiotics and prednisone which were ineffective and after 4 weeks I sought non conventional ways to relieve my pain. Within one hour of the candling, my ear was much better and continued to improve each day. Within 4 days, the pressure and fullness were gone! I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from sinus and ear issues. Comfort and Balance proved to be professional, clean and caring. Thank you!
Susan Dunham
Colonia, NJ

REIKI: I’ve been receiving Reiki from Nikki for about 3 weeks now. I came without any expectations and was open to the outcome. I was feeling anger, resentment, and hurts from past experiences and was finding it difficult to get past these issues that surfaced a few years ago. During our sessions, I felt totally relaxed and safe, as well as feeling some of the hurt and resentment leaving my body. Nikki is so compassionate and non-judgmental, I truly feel she is like an angel that I needed at this time! Her voice and touch are so very calming. She validated feelings I’ve had since childhood and gave me meditations to do twice a day, that have truly helped me to begin my journey of healing. My family has noticed a difference in my reactions to stress and have said I seem more calm and hopeful. Thank you, Nikki, from the bottom of my heart! I have work to do but you’ve given me so many tools that were lacking in my healing process.
Diane S.
Fords, NJ

MASSAGE: I have always enjoyed getting a massage. Not until my husband surprised me last December with a gift certificate to Comfort and Balance did I know what I was really missing! From my very first massage with Nikki I knew I had found a very special professional person who really knew how to make my body feel better with what I call her “magic fingers”. As I am now getting older and suffer from arthritis she has worked with me on areas that are sore and hurtful and made them feel so much better! She gives relief where it is needed and always asks how she can be of help. I also love the heated table, relaxing music (my favorite….the oriental music!) and wonderful flavors and scents she offers in her massage oils. I look forward to every visit and hope to continue seeing her……..and the best is I live around the corner from Comfort and Balance!
Carol Latkovich

The course saved me from a panic attack. I was traveling through TWC and a fire alarm went off. My first reaction was sheer panic but I was able to focus on my breath and quell the panic and just keep moving. I am thoroughly enjoying the class and what I am learning from you. Thank you!
(due to our controlled surveys to determine the effectiveness, we ask the students to just put initials on their post course surveys)
Fall 2017 Mindfulness Meditation Student

MASSAGE: I have seen 20 different therapists at home in North East Ohio, and not one of them can measure up to the quality of Nikki at Comfort & Balance! She’s the best! I go out of my way whenever I am in Jersey to see her!!
John Elms
Akron, OH

MEDITATION: Nikki- This was the first class I took with you and it was very clear that you put your heart and soul into it. The class was very well prepared and ran smoothly. Your presence and your personality as the instructor made the class comfortable and most importantly easy to comprehend and participate. The hand outs, instructions and homework were well thought out and interesting. Very much worth my time. Thank you!
Diane DeAngelis
Dunnellen, NJ

MASSAGE: Thank you [Nikki] at Comfort & Balance for the awesome massage. First time in a long time that I have slept like a baby all night. I highly recommend her!
Beatriz Santana
Woodbridge, NJ- on Facebook

REIKI & MASSAGE: Your spiritual guidance over the past 2 years has helped me grow stronger. Your wonderful massages mixed with some Reiki helped me heal not only a physical illness but a wounded heart & soul. Your Yoga style is warm & welcoming and I feel like I’m home when I walk in the door. Getting a massage is a delightful, relaxing and wonderful experience & when you find someone who is very attuned and actually knows what I need during a massage is something to be thankful for. I am grateful I have found Nikki at Comfort & Balance.
Estelle M.
Fords, NJ

MASSAGE: Can’t wait to book another Massage they are Heavenly!! Great Atmosphere.
Kesha Campesi
on Facebook

MEDITATION & MASSAGE & REIKI: You gave me so much with our meditation class this spring. I use my tools daily. Nicole is a beautiful patient instructor as well as an incredibly talented massage therapist. Her Reiki skills are ON point!
Sheri Lynn Korp
Port Reading, NJ

MASSAGE: I always enjoy my massages at Comfort & Balance. Nikki is the best!
My soul will be calmed
All my aches will be eased as I
Sink into a place of
Serenity, Relaxation, Refreshment of Spirit
And a world of Peacefulness
Giving into thoughts of
Exceptional contentment.
Gwynne Romig
Sewaren, NJ

REIKI: Nikki is truly a gifted healer. Reiki and Nikki are both truly amazing. My future and purpose came through so clearly and with so much detail in sessions. Nikki knows stuff about me there is no way she could have known, so I know without a doubt it is authentic. Thank you to Nikki and Reiki for confirmation I am on the right path. I absolutely love Comfort & Balance and Nikki is amazing. She is always on point with reiki. It has helped me heal so much
Claudia Miles
Colonia, NJ

YOGA: In December 2011 I was looking for a Yoga class and found Comfort & Balance. Not only did I find the class, I found the most spiritual, knowledgeable person teaching Yoga, Nikki Reiser. When I take Yoga class there I get more than Yoga: I exercise my mind, open my heart to possibilities and lift my spirit.
Estelle Mueller
Fords, NJ

MASSAGE: Amazing people, service and atmosphere!!!
Judy Foster-Clarke
Port Reading, NJ

REFLEXOLOGY: I went for my first session tonight of reiki/ accupressure/ reflexology. Nikki was so great with me and really took her time to get to know me and know my needs and what was going on with me. I booked my appointments for 4 weeks out and needless to say I am hooked. I feel so great after feeling like crap for months. I am so happy to have found comfort and balance. It was just what I needed. Thank you so much for focusing on my needs and making me feel so much better!
Erin Leigh Ramos
On Facebook

COUPLES MASSAGEWe went for our end of the year couples massge and it was nothing short of amazing. Nikki and Ana are the absolute best.

Danita Torres Figuera Rodriguez
Facebook Review

REIKI & MASSAGE: Nikki is truly a healer. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and gifted. She listens, customizes her treatment techniques and helps your body to heal! I have received energy work and massage at various places over the past 20 years in NY, NJ and Los Angeles. I am a certified yoga instructor and a licensed occupational therapist – and I feel that Nikki is one of the best practitioners I have met. I was introduced to Comfort & Balance just over a year ago and visit for varied modalities, as my schedule allows. One anecdote that I will share is as follows. I was in a car accident last March where we were hit from the side. Everyone was OK, but my neck was strained and painful. After attending twice weekly chiropractor appointments for 6 weeks, pain persisted. I stopped going to the chiropractor and went to Nikki for one Reiki session – it felt a little better. So I booked a one hour massage – it felt even better. I added one more Reiki session and the strain and knot had cleared. I am grateful to have found Comfort & Balance and highly recommend their services.
Caroline Zemkoski

MASSAGE: I came in for a 60 minute massage and upon meeting Nikki, I  immediately felt a connection.  The heated table and aromatherapy helped me relax even further. Nikki’s attention to my needs are paramount! You can feel she loves what she does and the care I experienced stayed with me long after my massage was over. It was a body, mind & spirit balance! Being a mom to 3 children (ages 3-17), I’m constantly being pulled in different directions. Nikki reminded me that this is my time, for me.
Michelle Caforio
Fords, NJ

MASSAGE: Nikki came Recommended to me from a long time friend I was explaining to him how much pain my body was in. I am a stylist of 27 years and I’m a biker (dirtbike,quads,and streetbikes) of 36 years. The wear and tear on my body has finally taken its toll, I have never had a massage before Nikki, she was the 1st to do it and O my God I can’t believe how phenomenal she is!!! I will recommend her to everyone that comes in my path that’s in pain!!!! I feel like a billion dollar’s!!!! Thankfully i will be seeing her regularly.
Jaime C
Long Branch, NJ

YOGA & REIKI: Thankful for Nicolette Mandico Reiser for all she has done and continues to do for my son!
Maggie O’Brien-McKenna
Facebook Post

REIKI: Beautiful experience! Gained much insight. I plan on going back soon!
Lexy Pagoda
Facebook Post

MASSAGEI have gotten massages from many different places and I can honestly say my experience here was my best one! They listen and really make sure you are getting what you want out of the massage! 5 stars!!! Definitely going to go again!
Karli Huber
Port Reading, NJ

This class is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. Helping me get through my addiction.
(due to our controlled surveys to determine the effectiveness, we ask the students to just put initials on their post course surveys)
Fall 2017 Mindfulness Meditation Student

NATURAL HEALTH: I had been battling a wart for some time. I had tried several medications and consulted more than one doctor for this problem. Nikki made a natural health suggestion. Much to my delight the wart is completely gone! I am very grateful to Nikki for her advise.
Debbie Viragh
Woodbridge, NJ

Being in my third trimester I was experiencing tension and pain starting from my neck all down my back. I began to look for a well respected and known prenatal massage expert and found it in Comfort & Balance. Nikki explain in details what will be taking place during my session and understood the areas I wanted her to focus on. The environment was warm, relaxing, and specially private. After my session I felt great! The tension on my neck and back have diminish and I left with a relax mood. I will be coming back as soon as I give birth.

Frenia Sanchez
Perth Amboy, NJ

I went for my first session tonight of Reiki/Reflexology. Nikki was so great with me and really took her time to get to know me and know my needs and what was going on with me… I feel so great after feeling like crap for months. I am so happy to have found Comfort & Balance. It was just what I needed. Thank you so much for focusing on my needs and making me feel so much better! [Nikki] helped me so much in one session I can’t believe it
Erin Leigh Ramos
Facebook Review

Everyone there was so nice. It was my first time ever doing yoga and they were great at instruction and positive feedback. Looking forward to going back and bringing someone with me. Very intimate setting and small class. Nonjudgmental feeling.
Jennifer Dominick
Google Review

I like to consider the place my second home. I have never felt so comfortable as I do whenever I enter these doors. This is my happy place! Please take advantage of all Nikki has to offer…you will not be disappointed.
Susan Nappi
Facebook Review

I love being a part of this amazing establishment. The services are unique and effective and I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore all that comfort and balance offers.
Jennifer Claudio
Facebook Review

We wanted to send a formal thank you to you and your staff for our wonderful troop experience at your yoga studio. We appreciated your professionalism and cooperation as you worked to accommodate our large troop and make sure each girl had the best yoga experience possible. The girls still talk about how cool the yoga experience was (letter written 10 months after visit!) and they want to do it again.
Troop 80060
Fords/Woodbridge, NJ

A big thank you to Nikki with the “golden hands.” I love on the day after my massage when I wake up without stiffness or aches. Feels like I am 30!! (note, Gloria is 70+ in age).
Gloria Groom
Carteret, NJ

My husband and I have had couples massages in many places, but the massages we get at Comfort and Balance are the best we’ve ever had!
Anne Healey Marchitelli
Facebook Review

This is a must have experience!!! Wow is all I can say…
Zenobia Lee-Briggs
Facebook Review

Active Reiki is changing my life!!
Cole Leigh>Michele RN
Facebook Review

I’ve been a client for over 5 years. I highly recommend Comfort and Balance for all the services offered. Everyone there is kind, compassionate and passionate about their practice.
Google Review

The atmosphere was very calming and nice. Also the flow of the massage was excellent as well. I will be back soon.
Chris Testa
Square Review

MASSAGE: Perhaps one of the most thorough massage therapist I have encountered. Very detailed and compassionate about her profession. Very relaxed ambience and restful environment. Offers convenient late night appointments when available. Great local business treatment.
Jorge Antonio Hojas
Google Review

ACTIVE REIKI & MASSAGE:I went in for a Reiki and Massage session to address multiple issues- pain from fibroids, c-section postpartum unease, back ache and a chronic neck and shoulder pain. That first 90 minute session helped resolve the pain from the fibroids and surgery related pains. My next session 2 weeks later resolved the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders that I’ve carried around for the past 30 years. 45 days since my first session, the fibroid dissolved and all symptoms have been minimized enough so that I can live a normal life.
It’s been short days since then but my life has been through a few major shifts. I’m not sure if I could have kept my sanity through it all had it not been for Reiki healing. Nikki is an honest, emphatic and sincere healer. She has literally lifted the baggage I have been carrying from my past (that I didn’t know I was carrying and the way it was affecting me in the now) and given me room to breathe and think. I’m grateful, humbled and inspired all at the same time. Thank you Nikki.
Tenuja A.
Carteret, NJ

REIKI: Nikki is amazing inside and out…she knows Reiki and Reiki comes to her easily. The 1 one-on-one Reiki session and a few group Reiki sessions made me feel good. And my ovarian cysts have shrunk so small and the pain is so little that I no longer need surgery. The almost hour drive is worth it ……. [Reiki] helps me with healing emotionally, and medically. Thank You!
Kerri Hansen
Toms River, NJ

MASSAGE: Through years of hard work & sports my body had a lot of wear & tear. Four years ago, I found Comfort & Balance. Here Nikki not only gives a great massage, but she is also a great listener and I believe she has special abilities to heal body and soul. I look forward to my appointments, she is always helpful, no matter what is going on.
Kevin Kopko
Hopelawn, NJ

REIKI: As a skeptic by nature I didn’t know what to expect from Reiki healing, but my wife had been partaking for around a year, and one day when she couldn’t make her appointment she asked if I wanted to try it…I figured I’d give it a shot. I am often stressed at work, but am not the type to talk about how I feel, so counseling or therapy has never been an option I would consider. Nikki’s Reiki sessions are like therapy but she does all the talking…you just lay and relax and she is able to vocalize very specifically what you are feeling and why, and is able to channel energy to resolve any issues. After each hour session I walk out feeling energized and relaxed, almost a combination of a vacation and a massage. I would recommend it to anyone who works in a high stress environment but is not the type to talk about your problems. The treatments have helped me deal with daily stresses better, put things into perspective and priority, and learn to relax and not worry about things when it is not going to help. Nikki is a consummate professional and extremely skilled at what she does. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends, skeptics or not- and anyone that has tried Reiki with Nikki is amazed by the results.
Dave Meehan
South Amboy, NJ

MASSAGE: Love Comfort & Balance. I never felt more comfortable and relaxed. I will come back for sure.
Cissy Murgittroyd
Sewaren, NJ

YOGA: I will be 68 years old this year and balance (not being able to stand on one leg without holding onto a wall) was a big problem. After a visit to an ENT with no answers, I tried Yoga, and that was the answer! After a few classes, I saw improvement in balance and flexibility. I learn more & more about my well-being and the mind, body, breath connection with each class. I have gained so much from my experience at Comfort & Balance. Thank you for a casual yet professional environment and your never ending enthusiasm and warmth! Thank you to Elaine (Tuesday yoga teacher) for sharing your love of Yoga with humor and humility and for your consistent support of my progress.
Karen M.
Old Bridge, NJ

REIKI & MASSAGE: Nikki has the best hands in town. Her Reiki is great and her massage can really turn you around.
Gladys Batiuk
Carteret, NJ

EXFOLIATING MASSAGE: My skin feels brand new and my feet feel so soft. Salt scrub massage is amazing! (This is Matt’s second testimonial, he previously wrote one about basic massage but felt such a difference after upgrading to OUR Exfoliating Salt Scrub Massage that he sent us another.)
Matt Ritter
oms River, NJ

REIKI: My life was turned upside down last year and I was hurting, didn’t know what I was going to do or who I could turn to for help. I found Comfort & Balance’s website and after my first Reiki session with Nikki I immediately felt a difference. My mind was clearer and it felt like a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders. Since then I have had both Traditional and Active Reiki. Active Reiki is like 5 Traditional Reiki session in 1! My 6 year old was very unhappy and unable to communicate her feelings. After 2 Reiki sessions she’s like the little girl she used to be- singing, skipping and smiling all the time again. Nikki and Reiki have helped me make breakthroughs in my life that years of therapy never achieved! Nikki is truly gifted and blessed with healing abilities. I am forever grateful for what she has done for me and my family.
Michelle K.
South Amboy, NJ

MEDITATION: Nikki was wonderful and is passionate about what she does. Her voice is soothing and she does wonders for your energy. I love her knowledge and personality. [She] is the best, she is funny, makes you feel at ease, and is a wonderful person all around. I cannot say enough great things about this place!
Stephanie Valenti
Port Reading, NJ

MASSAGE: Thanks again- I was able to get back to work after my massage session with you. You are worth your weight in GOLD!
Butch Kitchell
Metuchen, NJ

YOGA: Thank you for an amazing class yesterday. I feel like a million dollars and my hip feels good- no pain today. I have never felt better than I do this morning. I feel energized, calmer and best of all my chronic hip pain (aka mysterious pain) is gone. Love that you always push me to the next level.
Lisa A
Rahway, NJ

REIKI: Receiving Reiki with Nikki is so very healing! The Reiki let me release a lot of negative feelings and thoughts I’ve been carrying, some of which I didn’t even realize. I felt relaxed and at peace when I walked out the door.
Erin Hansen
South Amboy, NJ

MASSAGE: Nikki has the best hands in the world. I have gotten massages all over the world, really, and she has the best massage hands.
Mike W
Sewaren, NJ

MEDITATION/REIKI CLASS: Stress and suppressed emotions from family issues was causing serious tension and pain in my neck, making me unable to turn side to side or relax. When I arrived at the group Active Reiki session with Nikki and she said the topic would be on familial relationships, I knew I was in the right place. By the time Nikki was wrapping up the session I felt a very strong pins and needles rush into my right ankle and rapidly out my right foot threw my toes- at which point my neck pain and tension disappeared. I felt not only physical relief but emotional peace at that moment. Nikki is an amazing person.
Michele Knight
Woodbridge, NJ

MASSAGE: I feel like a million bucks from my massage with Nikki! (See above for Matt’s experience with our Exfoliating Massage).
Matt Ritter
Toms River, NJ

Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Classes
Loving the course! I look forward to it weekly. I really enjoy the resources provided. Very grateful.
Jess Wojcik
Carteret, NJ

MEDITATION: The mindfulness meditation classes really have helped my life. I was always very uptight and kind of sad before this. Now I feel so calm and happy. Nikki was very good in presenting the classes and it was a good experience I would definitely recommend.
Theresa McAloon
Middlesex County

ACTIVE REIKI: I came to Nikki for Reiki healing. I was suffering from Insomnia, chronic headaches and fatigue. My first sitting with Nikki was very positive. She made me feel very comfortable. After 2-3 sittings I felt a great amount of relief from headaches, clarity in my thinking, and overall general health. I’ve been able to stop my sleeping tablets and able to sleep peacefully and it’s because of Nikki. She is a life changer and I would recommend anyone having similar chronic issues to seek her help.
Gayathri V
Edison, NJ

MASSAGE: Nikki is a super-talented, caring and loving person who dedicates herself to others….. She is awesome…..She allows me to live a stress-free life…. Allow her to do the same to YOU!!!!!!!!
Gary Wasocki
Sewaren, NJ

Nicolette has an amazing way of making you feel safe, humbled and honest. Great motivator! I learned a lot about myself in this experience. I highly recommend this class.
(due to our controlled surveys to determine the effectiveness, we ask the students to just put initials on their post course surveys)
Fall 2017 Mindfulness Meditation Student

YOGA: Yoga is becoming my happy time. Loving it! Bad knees, no problem, modifications make it possible.
Dotty Baretto
Colonia, NJ

REIKI: Right from my first Active Reiki appointment I felt calm, comfortable and clear minded. Thanks to Nikki, who is honest, caring and the most valuable person I have met. I truly appreciate Nikki’s work. I can’t thank her enough for the clarity she has brought into my life with all the processes she performs that help me connect to my inner being. I continue to work with her because the peace I feel through active reiki is priceless. You are the best Nikki. Thank you for all your help and wonderful services that you offer.
Mina Gulzar
Avenel, NJ

REIKI: Comfort & Balance Studio is a wonderful place that offers Reiki Massage in addition to other services to help relieve stress and life’s challenges. I walked into the studio not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The past few years, I have had persistent daily chronic pain. After meeting with Nikki for a Reiki Massage, I immediately felt relaxed and at peace. I felt an overwhelming feeling that the weight of the world had been lifted and she helped alleviate some of my symptoms. Nikki is wonderful and has given me a sense of relief regarding my chronic pain. I highly recommend Comfort and Balance.
Union, NJ

MASSAGE: Just had one of the best massages of my life! Prenatal. Nicolette is amazing, super attentive. I was able to stand up straight and at 8+mo that is no longer an easy feat! Total relief.
Alaina Acosta
Iselin, NJ

YOGA: Just participated in my first yoga class in over 15 years… amazing! I loved the class and I feel great! Thanks, Elaine!
Gld N Beasters
Colonia, NJ- Facebook Review

BEGINNERS MINDFULNESS MEDITATION CLASS: I enjoy the class and you are a great teacher…a loving, kind soul! Great examples!
Beatriz Pozo

Gerardo Ormeno
Piscataway, NJ

REIKI: Nikki is the best at getting rid of pesky knots. It’s also such a great and calm atmosphere.
Dana Elizabeth
via facebook

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: I loved this class. I learned so much! I use what I learned everyday. Thank you so much Nikki!
Lourdes Calderon
Meditation Student Alum from FB

MASSAGE: Great experience! Anna was great and very knowledgeable. The owner Nikki and her staff were very professional. Overall I had an extremely pleasant experience and will gladly return.
Sahil Rana
via google reviews

REIKI: Amazing! I did not know what would happen, but what happened was exactly what I needed. My present issues were tied to my past self, the past self that had been to counseling and thought they were resolved. Nikki was able to tap into my past, present & future. I received healing that was crucially needed. I am grateful I found Nikki.
Brenda R
South Amboy

MASSAGE My husband and I went for massages here – it was marvelous! Nikki and Anna were so nice and obviously knew what they were doing. The facility was nice and clean. We’ll be back!
Colleen G
Google Review

I have become even more aware and seen a shift in my thoughts and how I feel in situations, for the better. I am less stressed about continuing situations and what others will think.
(due to our controlled surveys to determine the effectiveness, we ask the students to just put initials on their post course surveys)
Fall 2017 Mindfulness Meditation Student

MASSAGE I thoroughly enjoy my monthly massage sessions with Nikki. The Himalayan Stone massage is truly a massage for my soul. It’s amazing! I also enjoy the ear candling and reflexology sessions. Over all, this facility, the staff, the services offer positive experiences each and every time I visit!
Victoria Romanienko
Woodbridge, NJ

PRENATAL MASSAGE Nikki was absolutely wonderful! Massage was fantastic and exactly what I needed. She gave the perfect prenatal massage. I will definitely be back!!
Jacqueline Williams
Google Review

MASSAGE Nikki’s massage is fantastic!! I came out realizing this is something I need to do on a regular basis for my overall well-being.
Gloria Groom
Carteret, NJ

Warm Yoga & Meditation Class I am so thankful for you & yoga. I wound up having an amazing day today. Same scenario as yesterday but I was able to handle it like a big girl with a smile. [Editor’s Note- Susan was having a tough time before the Thursday night Warm Yoga & Meditation Class, she almost didn;t come to class because she was so frustrated. After class she felt better, and she wrote this to us the next day. She has another review from years before on our page somewhere.]
Susan Nappi
Edison, NJ

MASSAGE First time getting a massage here and everything was wonderful! Nikki was very welcoming, kind, made sure everything was to my liking (room temperature, pressure, etc.). The massage itself was amazing! Very soothing, detailed, excellent flow to it and of course very relaxing!
The place itself was very welcoming, clean, professional. You can tell Nikki takes pride in her business. Plenty of parking on the street or side streets. There’s also a small parking lot located in the back…
I’ll definitely be coming back! Great meeting you and thank you for the wonderful massage and service Nikki!
Kevin Kung
Google review

MASSAGEI just had a great massage with Nikki. I look forward to the next one!
Katie Behun
Facebook review

EVERYTHING was Great especially Nikki!!!
Karyn Reinart
Square Review

Very friendly staff! The building is so clean and organized.
Courtney Averett
Square Review

I love being a part of this amazing establishment. The services are unique and effective and I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore all that comfort and balance offers.
Jennifer Claudio
Facebook Review

Thank you for a wonderful experience. We were absolutely pleased. Can’t wait to go back♡
Danita Torres
Sqaure Review

Always a pleasant experience, and I will continue referring people. Thanks Nikki
Annika Jacobs
Square Review

Nikki is awesome as always!
Melinda Barnett
Square Review