YABS- Yoga, Ab Training & Body Sculpting

YABS – Yoga, Ab Training & Body Sculpting
This class is focused on getting your body in tip-top, lean, sculpted shape by combining Yoga, dedicated Abdominal Exercises plus compound Body Sculpting exercises that target arms, legs, butt and back. Bring 2, 3, 5 or 8lb hand weights to this class for maximum effects. At the end of each class we will work together to increase your personal plank time & push up count!
Prereq/Levels: Anyone can come as modifications will be made for each person, but being physically active will help.
Dates: 1/5-2/23
Time: 8-9am
Check In By: 7:55am
Cost: All 8 Classes for $99 Or Drop ins, Public Class Packages
Sign Up: No
Minimum students required: No
How: Use paypal link below
Location: Comfort & Balance, 83 Woodbridge Ave, Sewaren, 07077

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