Warm Yoga Flow & Meditation w/Nikki 2/13 Start

Warm Flow Yoga & Meditation with Nikki
This amazing Warm Yoga Class invites beginner & advanced students to enjoy this complete class that has everything that you need in one simple hour a week!
We start withe the perfect temperature room- 94-96 degrees- not too hot that it is suffocating, but warm enough to increase circulation, improve flexibility and burn between 330-480 calories per class.* We continue by marrying the perfect amounts of a slow building yoga flow with working on a specific peak pose such as Hanumanasana (front splits), Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon) or Sirsasana II (Tripod Stand). One of the advantages of taking yoga with us is that we offer small class sizes with no more than 7 students per class, this means you can take this class at any level because you will get individual modifications and guidance. As we move into Savasana specific essential oils chosen to go with the class needs will be offered. We complete the class with a powerful guided Meditation to heal your thoughts and emotions and bring abundance and joy back into your life. 
Prereq/Levels: All Levels Welcome
Dates: Thursdays, 4 weeks, 2/13-3/5
Time: 7:15-8:15pm
Check In By: 7pm
Cost: 4 weeks, $68
If you ever cannot make one of your classes, you can send someone (anyone) in your place. 
Sign Up: Required, spots fill very far in advance.
How: Call 732-750-8767 with cc info or use paypal link
Location: Comfort & Balance, 83 Woodbridge Ave, Sewaren, 07077